These forecasts are not official, and I assume no responsibility for their accuracy (or lack thereof).

These forecasts represent my attempt to forecast weather for this area.

The regions covered by my forecasts include the city of Winnipeg and the areas immediately surrounding the Winnipeg area. 

My forecasts take into consideration the fact that even small rises, hills, or large areas trees can cause significant
differences in temperatures and wind speeds. These differences will be noted in my forecasts when I feel 
they are a significant factor.
In addition, the freezing level (known as the free air freezing level), which indicates the elevation at and above 
which all freely moving air is continuously at or below zero, will be included in forecasts when it is relevant, 
mainly in winter when the air at the surface is at or below freezing and the air aloft is warmer, thus creating 
unusual temperature profiles and when precipitation is possible, results in a chance of dangerous weather 
such as freezing rain or ice pellets.